Customer Reviews

“Don’t care about customer service”

Nick 03/05/2017

I signed up with Match for a trial period for 3 months. I stopped using it a month before the trial was over. I checked my bank account on the fourth

month and found they had automatically charged me another $80!! When I called they told me the most they could refund me was $29.01. The lady said that they were only able to refund me back one month and I would have to keep the match membership for another month. Yet when I asked why I wasn’t receiving a refund closer to $40, since I’m apparently being charged $40 a month, she told me they are only authorized to refund back $29.01. I then asked to speak to a supervisor/manager and she refused to transfer me even though she admitted there was a manger on the floor. I’m going to assume there are many more customers out there that have experienced this same issue….Its so frustrating!!!!!!

“Worked well for me”

Steve 05/07/2017
I don’t understand why people give all these bad reviews. It worked well for me and I met a few nice ladies. It can be a hit and miss sometimes but my overall experience is good. At the end of the day you’ll only find a handful good dating sites anyway: Match and Chemistry, Mingle2day, maybe eharmony. Period.

“They hate their customers”

Tom 2/22/2017

I had a free profile on Match for months and decided to try a paid subscription. Within days my profile was hacked and my profile was changed, moved from man seeking women to woman seeking women and a strange woman’s picture was put up. I moved the profile to hidden and tried to change my password but couldn’t. I e-mailed Match to try to get this resolved and they terminated my account. When I asked why they simply said that I would need a court order to find out, or tough we’re not telling you. They claimed that I would get a full refund but I will believe that when I see it. They clearly don’t care at all about paying customers unless they are stealing their money.